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Portal21 is proud to be an authorized US representative of Pavegen Systems, Ltd. Pavegen is a renewable energy innovation company head-quartered in London which develops and manufactures flooring technology that converts kinetic energy from footsteps into electricity. This clean-tech energy source can be used to power applications such as lighting, signage and communications networks in both indoor and outdoor environments. Harvested electricity can also be stored in batteries for asynchronous use.

Pavegen tiles are configured to send wireless data and can be integrated with API’s as a key technology for smart cities. The off-grid technology is increasingly being utilized on interactively, bringing events and installations to life in unique and engaging ways.

Pavegen has worked with many leading brands and organizations including Johnnie Walker, WWF, Uniqlo and Sainsbury’s helping to launch campaigns and ideas, powered by footfall energy.

For more information see the Pavegen website to see some amazing experiential and permanent applications.

Please contact us to discuss any specific needs or requests.


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How Pavegen works
Pavegen - Step towards a low-carbon economy