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Welcome to Portal21 – helping business thrive in the 21st Century

It’s no revelation to say that the World is experiencing unprecedented pressures originating from environmental and social change. Some organizations are addressing these challenges admirably and are set to reap the rewards in future.

It is obvious to most that the 21st Century is the window of opportunity (aka Portal) for all organizations to rise to these challenges by adopting new technologies and behaviors in order to survive and thrive. Portal21 aims to help that happen.



We provide first-class consulting (the "talk") on strategy to integrate sustainability into strategic business planning that benefits both the top and bottom line. We also bring to market and develop (the "walk") sustainable innovation and business models. Our current portfolio includes a unique renewable energy product and an innovative business model to facilitate recycling and reward those companies that do.

With significant experience in the consumer goods, apparel, sport, building, leisure, hospitality and energy industries at all stages of their value chains, and our deep knowledge of sustainability issues and industry connections, we can help you integrate sustainability at all levels or your organization.


Sustainable Business Consulting & Innovation
for the 21st Century



Our approach is to “talk - and walk the talk”